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So it's not morning any more, but my wishes come with great Irish joy and enthusiasm. I am told that our family heritage is Celtic, not Irish, but none-the-less we celebrate this holiday annually in our home.

The planning of the festivities began last night as I cut out gold coins to hide with little St. Patrick's Day stickers and tattoos taped to the back of each coin. Scott hid the coins around the house late last night, so the kids could hunt for them this morning. I also printed out the gold coin box so the kids could have something to put their gold coins in. This box was taped together by yours truly late last night, and a nifty pair of shamrock glasses were placed a-top each box waiting for their arrival to the table this morning. All these neat little St. Patrick's Day goodies were downloaded, for free, from this fabulous website linked below. They have neat things to download for every holiday of the year, and other old fashioned paper toys as well.


So this morning the kids awoke before us. They were so excited that the leprechaun had come and left gold coins for them to find. This was the first activity of the day, even before breakfast was served.

What did we have for breakfast, you ask? Why the traditional Irish breakfast of Lucky Charms, of course.

After breakfast I put the corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes in the crock pot to cook all day, and then it was off to read the kids an Irish Tale of leprechaun trickery. We then played a few games of Irish memory cards also printed from the website above.

After the games had ended, I sent the kids outside to play in the backyard while I took a quick shower. Scott was home supervising the kids outside. After my shower, we got down to the business of our regular school day, with math, reading, history, etc...

At around noon Scott went and got his mom, brother, and uncle to come for our Irish feast. It should be done by 5 p.m. and then I will take them home. Scott had to work tonight, and had to leave by 1 p.m. It doesn't matter, he doesn't like corned beef and cabbage anyway.

Soon after his mom arrived, I put her to work making a chocolate cake for dessert tonight using my new stand mixer I got for our anniversary in February. I just love it!

For lunch we had a non-traditional Irish meal of ham and cheese sandwiches, avocado, chips, and a fresh fruit salad of green grapes, strawberries, and bananas.

We are now done with school for the day, I am relaxing at the computer, and finally getting to update my blog once again.

Wishing you a great St. Patrick's Day! By the way, the photo in my heading above is from last year's St. Patty's Day celebration 2008.

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