Monday, February 23

Simple Women's Daybook -- February 22, 2009

Monday, February 22
Simple Women's Day book -- February 22, 2009


Outside my window. . . Sunny and cold. No snow/frost on the van.

I am thinking. . . That life is finally getting back to "normal" again.

I am thankful for. . . Scott has a new job!!! Can I hear an A-MEN! It just goes to prove the old adage that it's not what you know, but who you know that matters most in some cases. I will give you the short version of how this all came about.

Our church consists of about 50 regular members (including children). It's a very small, yet spirit filled congregation. We love our church. I have said this time and time again. It's a perfect fit for us. Anyway, after Scott's company closed in December, our whole congregation was praying for Scott and new employment.

In late December one of congregation members came up to Scott and offered him a job with his security firm, but Scott wasn't so sure he wanted to take it. Scott worked security for quite a few years after being in the Marines, and we both knew that it didn't pay very good. That is why Scott left his security job in the first place. The last time he worked security was back in 1997.
He loved the work, but we couldn't support a family on what they were paying him. It was all in God's plan though.

All through January and part of February, Scott continued to look for work. The economy is so bad, that most places are on hiring freezes right now, or they simply are not hiring. Now I'm sure he could have been hired in a restaurant or something, but he wanted to make at least what he was making when he left Babcock, and more than what he was getting on unemployment.

So anyway, after church one afternoon a few weeks back, Scott was talking to Rob (the security manager for this particular security firm) and Scott commented that he couldn't afford to go back to security work. Rob said, how much do you need to make? Scott told him, and Rob started laughing, saying that after 911 security firms are no longer paying their workers poorly. That he would be paid a considerable amount higher than what he was making before. Scott also found out that Rob's firm has bought out the last security firm that Scott had worked for in 1997, and that Scott's file was still in their office. Rob told Scott to come into the office the very next day, and would get him some client interviews. He interviewed at Memorial Hospital last week, and was hired the very next day. He will be working 4/ 12 hours shifts a week. He will be among 2 other hospital security guards, that are in charge of hospital security, monitoring the morgue, and checking people in and out of the morgue for autopsies. Helping with the Helli-pad, and other duties. It's such a great job, and Memorial Hospital is a great place to work, from what we hear. We have a friend who is the Director of the Radiology Dept. at the hospital, so Scott already knows someone who works there. I am really excited for him and for what this means for our family. Praise God!!! It has totally been a test of faith and trust for me. I will post about this journey I have been on, in a few days.

From the schoolroom. . . . Skaterboy: History: The study of Molly Pitcher; True facts about the Declaration of Independence. Geography: Revolutionary War Route; Spelling: Review for Spelling test tomorrow; Math: Continuing on with Algebraic equations and percentages; English: continuing on with the current chapter; Reading, Kidnapped by RLS. Science: Review for chapter test tomorrow. Free reading: a few books he picked up at the library last week.

Truthseeker: Reading: A Beka's Tiptoes (almost done with that one); Phonics: K-12 and A Beka lessons 40- 48 this week. Math: still working on Adding and Subtraction; Social Studies: Unit 6, Around the world, finish lesson by Friday. Spelling test tomorrow. God's World Science: Still studying our Magnet Unit.

Last Friday, I paid Skaterboy's annual tuition and testing fees for the upcoming 2009-2010 school year at Midwest Christian Academy. He will still be homeschooled next year, however this accredited school, will provide the curriculum, books, guidance counseling, and testing. Since Thumbody will be starting Pre-K next year, I feel that I need to turn HS over to someone else. I will still be his teacher, but I won't have to do any of the planning. It is very cut and dry. I may add some additional material (books) as I feel necessary. The Charlotte Mason philosophy that is instilled inside of me to the very core of my being, knows that "living" books are the key to "real" learning. We will be using "Higher Up and Further In's curriculum for Truthseeker and Thumbody next year. Thumbody will be year 0, and Truthseeker will be year 2. We will use other things as well. Probably a lot of A Beka, K-12, and Rod and Staff. Those seem to be my favorites, and work well with my children.

From the kitchen... Breakfast: Berry and banana smoothies with flax, banana nut muffins; Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwiches, crackers, and mandarin oranges; Supper: Chicken Caccatori with broccoli, and stuffed baked potatoes.

I am wearing. . . PJ's again. Does anyone else ever homeschool in pj's?

I am creating. . . I have a lot of catching up to do in this department. I am currently stitching a tapestry for our bedroom wall. Tropical scene by the sea, with a sailboat. Very tranquil. I am using colors to match our PB duvet cover.

On the home front.... Still haven't finished hanging the new bedroom door yet, but at least we know what to do now. We had to ask someone who does construction work at church, if we could saw a small portion of the door off at the bottom, and sand it, so it won't scrape the carpet. He said that we could.

I am going. . . No where today. What a blessing! We've been running around all weekend!

I am hearing. . .Nothing, this kind of scares me...

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . Nothing really, until Friday. We have our nature study group meeting at Cindy's on Friday at 10 a.m.; Saturday, Kaysha and I are attending a Charlotte Mason Homeschool Seminar in Bloomington, all day; Scott and the kids are going with the 4-H group to Sugar Grove Nature Center for their annual Maple Sirup Experience. I need to make sure I send the camera with Scott that day.

A photo I feel like sharing.... Our 3 Point Basketball Star!!! Skaterboy actually made a 3 pointer at the homeschool basketball game against the Home School Black Knights this past Saturday. I think Skaterboy was as shocked as the rest of the team. He ended up scoring 5 points for the team during the game. The Lincoln Home Educators team beat the Black Knights 59-27. They lost the first game. Our girls team was beaten both games, but the 2nd game they fought hard, and the ending score was very close.

One thing we found interesting, and somewhat strange, was that the other team seemed to be tripping our team members. It happened a good number of times. A few of their team members seemed to have poor attitudes during the final game, and there was some ball whipping out of anger shown. It surprised us that a homeschool team could show such poor spirit. This we feel was their downfall during the second game. There were quite a few personal fouls given for poor sportsmanship. We were very proud of our boys and girls and the good sportsmanship they portrayed, whether they won or lost.

Thursday, February 19

Simple Women's Daybook -- February 19, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Simple Woman's Day book - Thurs., Feb. 19

Simple Woman’s Day book ~


Outside my window. . . Bright and sunny. No snow. Looks very much like Spring is right around the corner.

I am thinking. . . The path that God is leading us on. It seems to be following a consistent path of spiritual growth and learning to trust in Him. I will elaborate more on this, as I find out more myself.

I am thankful for. . . My test results from the endoscopy I had about a month ago. They called yesterday to confirm that there was no sign of anything other than acid reflux disease. Even my Beret's esophagus has gone away, which was a huge surprise to me since I didn't know that it could go away. As you can imagine, I was very excited to hear this.

From the schoolroom. . . . Skaterboy has been working diligently on his Early American History. He has recently done studies on The Boston Massacre, Paul Revere (the true story, not just the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) , Dr. Church, Benjamin Franklin, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In math he is currently working on algebraic equations involving percentages; In science he has been studying global warming, and the ozone. He is currently reading Kidnapped by Robert L. Stevenson, and in English he is just about to start a new chapter.

Truthseeker is toward the end of his "Tiptoes" (A Beka) reading book. He is currently working on adding and subtracting in math. In science he is currently studying magnets (God's World -- A Beka), in history and geography, he is just beginning a chapter on "Our Country and Beyond". He is doing well in spelling, and is quite the little artist in his nature study notebook.

Both kids are learning Latin.

From the kitchen... Breakfast: French toast; Lunch: PB&J's, carrot sticks, and Cheese-It crackers; Supper: Marinated sirloin steak in the crock pot with roasted root vegetables (sweet potato and carrots).

I am wearing. . . Dare I say that I am still in my pj's?

I am creating. . . Costumes for Saturday. A couple of homeschool friends are throwing a birthday party and we all have to dress up as our favorite classical storybook character. Can you guess who mine is? If you answered, Josephine March with a big patch on her booty, you are correct. Skaterboy hasn't decided on who he wants to be yet, Truthseeker chose Huckleberry Finn, Thumbody is going as Sherlock Holmes, and Scott is undecided, at this moment as well. I'm sure we will come up with something for everyone.

On the home front....Mostly home remodeling projects. Yesterday we began what we thought would be an easy job of installing a new bedroom door. We purchased a prehung one, so we thought how hard could that be? Well needless to say, we are still trying to get the darn door to sit right. Our house is not level, making the job more difficult than we first imagined it would be. If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment.

I am going. . . Skaterboy has basketball practice at noon; 4-H at 6:30; a trip to the grocery store, and to the library.

I am hearing. . .The spin cycle on the washing machine, the kids "getting along" in the living room. Wait... what did I say?

One of my favorite things. . . Some time to myself... Ahhh, the joy of it!

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . Field trip to the children's museum in Bloomington tomorrow morning with our nature study group, then onto Midwest Christian Academy to register Skaterboy for next year, and pay the annual tuition; Midnight madness crop at Cindy's house tomorrow night; Skaterboy's basketball game in Decatur on Saturday morning, then back home and off to a birthday party for 2 homeschool friends.

A photo I feel like sharing.... Don't you wish it were Summer? I have been longing for Summer lately.

Truthseeker in our backyard pool, 2008.

Monday, February 2

Monday, February 2, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook - Mon., Feb. 2, 2009
Simple Woman’s Day book ~


Outside my window. . . Happy Ground hog's Day! The weather has been nice today. Sunny and quite warm. Most of the snow that has accumulated over the past week, is melting.

I am thinking. . . About all the lost jobs here recently. The neighbor across the street was talking with Scott this morning, and told him that after 35 years of service to his company, they laid him off last week. We have another friend whose husband is working for Caterpillar, and wondering if after 20 years of service, he will be laid off soon. There simply are no jobs available right now anywhere it seems. Scott has been looking everywhere for work, but most places have a freeze on hiring right now. It doesn't look good. I am optimistic that we will survive, however. At least I am still working doing respite care in my home. So some additional income is coming in, and I just got a raise. Praise God!

I am thankful for. . . The peace that passes all understanding.

From the schoolroom. . . . Truthseeker learned all about groundhogs today, and put together a lap book about them. He predicted that the groundhog would see his shadow today, by reasoning that he could see his shadow, so therefore, the groundhog must be able to see his as well. I thought he was pretty smart to be able to reason that at 7. He was thrilled when he found out that he was correct in his prediction. Reading, math, and science, also planned for him. Social studies test tomorrow. For Skaterboy, History and geography research papers, algebra, science and English tests tomorrow.

From the kitchen... Breakfast: Cereal and toast for the kids; toast and mashed avocado for me. Lunch: Cheese pizza. Supper: Chicken salad wraps with left-over baked chicken from last night, coleslaw, roasted fries and fresh vegetables in olive oil, salt and pepper.

I am wearing. . . Black jeans, burgundy turtleneck, navy blue hoodie. I am barefoot.

I am creating. . . Last week was a nightmare, as far as my creativity was concerned. Not getting much in this area done lately. I am still hopeful, however. Still planning on sewing these for Samuel's birthday which was a few days ago.

I am going. . . Need to go grocery shopping. Mainly need to pick up some gummy candy for our big "gummy" basket the kids are creating for our 4-H auction and spaghetti dinner next Sunday afternoon. Meeting is tonight at 6:30 p.m. I have my respite care child until 6 p.m. tonight.

I am hoping. . . That it is in God's plan that Scott gets a great job soon. If not, we are prepared, as we are saving most of our tax refund, to live on this coming year, if and when his unemployment ends. We are living day to day. Hopeful that the president will come up with something new to help those unemployed.

I am hearing. . . The dryer, Scott putting things away in the kitchen, and Zach.

Around the house. . . Still trying to finish up our bedroom; the family room is in desperate need of rearranging; the kid's room need cleaning.
What I have done this past week: Gave a huge bag of baby things away to freecycle. org; dusted every nook and cranny in our living room; vacuumed every nook and cranny in our living room and hallway. Yes, down on hands and knees. I threw away a ton of old magazines that I was holding onto for no goof reason; did quite a few loads of laundry. Oh, and I've lost 10 lbs. probably due to stress and not eating last week, don't want to gain those back. I have a goal, but I'm not going to tell you about that yet.

One of my favorite things. . . Making lists, and actually checking things off.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . Depositing checks; paying bills; planning for the rest of the week (menu, school, activities); Catching up on chores that need completing. Maybe some time to scrapbook and sew.

A photo I feel like sharing.... Some sewing projects I finished for Christmas this past year. Stitched felt ornaments for all. Truthseeker and Thumbody's ornaments were snowmen; Skaterboy's was a cup of hot cocoa. The last photo is of pj bottoms I created out of old fleece baby blankets we had in a storage box. I am a big fan of recycling, and I wondered why I hadn't thought of sewing these sooner. The notion hit me, and I took off with it. There was enough material left over for many pairs of hats and mittens, as well, plus 2 other pairs of pj bottoms.