Friday, May 28


I am sure you have probably heard me mention Stacy Julian on my blog before (several times) and I just love completing her challenges. Especially her Sprinkles challenge. They are always simple, always fun, and always something to help brighten your week. This week's challenge was: Time to treat your toes right, and so that is what I did.
Here is the link to her Sprinkles Challenge #34:

Last week's Sprinkle was to find water and sit by it for 15 minutes. I did take the kids with me on this excursion. But none-the-less, we sat and listened to the water running in the creek for 15 minutes. Pure bliss!

Here is the link to Sprinkle Challenge #33:
Here's to a purely blissful, water-filled, toe-painted week!

Thursday, May 13

In love with a Photo Booth

Have you ever tried a photo booth? I am truly in love with them. If I see one, and it works, I am always enticed to pay the $1 and go for it! This was just the case on our recent trip to Chicago. We took the kids to the children's museum, at Navy Pier (we have a traveling pass, that is good for the entire year, and gets us into numerous children's museums across the country) and low and behold, on the 3rd floor of the children's museum was a "working" photo booth. I put working in quotes because most of the photo booths I seem to come across, are not in working order. I was delighted to find that this one worked. We all had a blast, for a buck! Can't get much for a buck these days, but these are priceless!

Enjoy!!! Have a great day!

Sunday, May 2

Prom 2010

I don't actually know what is more exciting. Going to your own prom, or having your child attend his first prom. Yesterday morning almost felt like we were getting ready for a wedding. Everything was centered around when his date was getting her hair done, was the formal ready to wear, showers taken, flowers attached. It was a pretty amazing day. The Grand March is always held outdoors on the local courthouse lawn. It is also taped and played continuously throughout the following week, on our local broadcasting channel. There were tons of people there, so I am glad that we got to the courthouse early. Beautiful music played in the background as each couple was announced as they walked down the steps and under the arch.

M is all ready to leave to get his date. She is actually on the phone, telling him when to come.
M and T. Beautiful couple. I am partial, but I think they were the best looking couple there.

T's dress was gorgeous. I'm so glad that the traditional prom dresses are back in style. Mine in high school was very big and billowy too. An experience you never forget. I thought about all the proms I went to, a little bit yesterday. Seems like yesterday.

This is my favorite photo. They look so good together. Awww......

I love this one too, on the courthouse lawn. I said a little prayer before he left, yesterday afternoon, that he would have a great time, and be safe. He did, on both accounts.