Friday, May 28


I am sure you have probably heard me mention Stacy Julian on my blog before (several times) and I just love completing her challenges. Especially her Sprinkles challenge. They are always simple, always fun, and always something to help brighten your week. This week's challenge was: Time to treat your toes right, and so that is what I did.
Here is the link to her Sprinkles Challenge #34:

Last week's Sprinkle was to find water and sit by it for 15 minutes. I did take the kids with me on this excursion. But none-the-less, we sat and listened to the water running in the creek for 15 minutes. Pure bliss!

Here is the link to Sprinkle Challenge #33:
Here's to a purely blissful, water-filled, toe-painted week!

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Anonymous said...

Hey cute Amy!
You won the picnic caddy from Jen Mohler (on my blog) The post will go up tomorrow (Tuesday, June 8) Jen will be contacting you soon!

Thanks for reading -- and, I LOVE your sprinkles posts. Big SMILE on my face right now!