Saturday, September 12

The County Fair

I apologize that these are a little dated. The county fair was the first week in August. I am just getting a chance to post them because we have been so busy the past few weeks. It's been a fun few weeks though.

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This was H's first year to show an exhibit at the fair. He chose 3 categories. In the "All About Abe Lincoln" category, he received a 2nd place ribbon. He was very proud of himself. We were very proud of him too.
Here is a close up view of his collage.
What's better than hot dogs and lemon shake-ups at the fair? Hardly anything. At least E thinks so.

H thinks that the bumper cars were sweet. He had tons of fun ramming others with his car of choice. The blue one.

H also enjoyed the roller coaster. E was afraid to ride it, but did enjoy riding the helicopters and the tilt-a-whirl.
Both of the boys were in the 4-H Scrambles this year. E was in the Chicken Scramble, and H was in the Goat Scramble. Just in case you don't know, this is where they let animals loose in the grandstand, and the 4-H kids try to catch them. The youngest ones don't get to keep the chickens, they receive a goody bag instead, but the older kids get to keep their animals and have to show them at the fair the following year. E did end up catching a chicken. H just missed catching a goat. Not sure what I would do with a goat around here anyway. I get unnerved by the 2 dogs we have. I can't imagine a goat to boot.

E waiting in line to start the scrambles.

Waiting for the chickens to be released.

H's age group, in the goat scramble. Waiting for that to begin.

More chicken chasing.

E with his goody bag. He had a good time as you can see on his face.

Last Sunday night I went to see Julia and Julia at the theater with friends. It was about Julia Child, and another young woman named Julia who thinks the world of Julia Child, and decides to cook her way through JC's cookbook. Then ends up starting a blog about it. It was a very funny movie, and I had such a great time seeing it. Especially in the great company of friends. It was fun, and I hope we can all do it again sometime soon.
Monday night I went to my friend Angie's house. Scott had to work, and so did her husband. We had an enjoyable quiet evening just chatting, and having fun. Tuesday we went to a cookout at her house, since her husband had off of work. We hadn't done that in a long long time. We really did have a great time, even though we burnt the steaks. Oh well, it was the time spent together that mattered, not the steaks.
Thursday, M started his speech and debate classes at LBC. They look like they are going to be pretty intense, but I know he can do it, he's a smart kid. That night I watched Z, and took the kids to McDonald's for dinner.
Friday was our homeschool picnic at the park. The kids had fun playing with the parachute, balloons, and playing baseball.
Last night I booked our hotel for our 4 day Chicago get-a-way in two weeks. We are going to The Harry Potter Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, The Chicago Children's Museum, and the Brookfield Zoo. I was able to get a great price for our hotel stay through Priceline, at the Holidome, in a close Chicago suburb. Also, I got a great rate on a family membership through the Chicago Children's Museum. It's a year long pass, and includes many half price admittances, including the Museum of Science and Industry. Our price for the year was as much as what the tickets would have cost for the museum alone. Our pass also includes the CM in Blm, and many others. I'm so thankful to Gina in our hs group for telling me about it. I'm looking forward to the trip. This will be our only vacation this year with our whole family, since Scott has no vacation days until January.
This afternoon I was a contestant judge in the National Bible Bee competition held at LCU. I am so very proud of the children that participated. It took a lot of hard work to memorize all those bible facts, and memory verses. I am so excited for my children to participate in this next year.
Tomorrow I have Sunday School to teach, and M and I are greeters. Then we are having friends over after church for lunch.
Next week we have doctor appts for all 3 boys (check ups and asthma check for M), play date in the afternoon with our Blm friends at Holiday Park, M has speech and debate classes, there's homeschool PE, our first 4-H meeting of the year, and The Railsplitter Festival next Saturday. If you would like to take a trip back to the 1800's, stop by with the kids, for a very fun weekend.

Here's hoping you all have a great week ahead!

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