Thursday, May 13

In love with a Photo Booth

Have you ever tried a photo booth? I am truly in love with them. If I see one, and it works, I am always enticed to pay the $1 and go for it! This was just the case on our recent trip to Chicago. We took the kids to the children's museum, at Navy Pier (we have a traveling pass, that is good for the entire year, and gets us into numerous children's museums across the country) and low and behold, on the 3rd floor of the children's museum was a "working" photo booth. I put working in quotes because most of the photo booths I seem to come across, are not in working order. I was delighted to find that this one worked. We all had a blast, for a buck! Can't get much for a buck these days, but these are priceless!

Enjoy!!! Have a great day!


Mike and Katie said...


I've seen some really funny candid camera gags using photo booths.

It fun to see some pictures of mom since we always tend to be behind the camera. I love the one of you and your hubby smooching!

Destination Mom said...

Thanks Katie! It's so good to hear from you! It's been too long since we emailed! We'll have to catch up soon!