Thursday, June 24

Recipe for Disaster

This is sort of an update post. It's been a crazy summer so far with 4 days of school left. Lots of very hot days and thunderstorms at night. Luckily we live on a small hill, and we are toward the top, so we don't ever get any flooding like our counterparts at the bottom of the hill. We do get the majority of tree damage though, and luckily the tree that is causing the most damage is slowly being cut down by the city. I say slowly because they come every couple months and trim parts off. Eventually the tree will be gone, but it may be 2012 before we see that happen. Plus it's not our tree, but our next door neighbors. It's a massive cottonwood that has been a pain in the butt for all of the 6+ years we've lived here. It will be nice to see it go, but sad in part because it's really only 1 of 2 huge shade trees in our tiny subdivision. Well, aside from the woods behind the houses across the street. It's big enough that it shades our vehicles in the driveway. I guess now we'll actually have to put up a carport.

M is at church camp this week. I'm sure he is having a good time. His battery died on his cell phone a couple days ago, so I won't really know until tomorrow when he gets home. I'm sure he is having a better week then poor H. Not only is he battling rude and obnoxious neighbor kids, but he has a terrible case of dermatitis that has covered 3/4 of his body. Scott and I took him to the ER this morning because we weren't quite sure if our 8 yo son wasn't turning into a lizard. It all started 3 days ago. I noticed that he had this small rash on his armpit that made his skin look and feel like shoe leather. I put some ointment on it, and the next day it spread to his stomach, rear end, and the insides of his arms. I then made an appt with his pediatrician for Friday (tomorrow). This morning he woke up and it had spread to his neck and legs. He was starting to look like a shriveled up old man. It totally freaked me out, so we decided to take him to the ER. They told us that he must have had some reaction to the pool water. Scott tests the pool water every time he puts chemicals in to make sure that it's safe to swim. Besides, it hasn't effected any of us other than H. So he is itchy and miserable, and looks just awful. Poor kid. He wanted to go outside and play catch with the neighbor boys (who generally are rotten) but I told him that it sounded like a recipe for disaster, but that he could go. Fast forward 5 minutes and the neighbor boy (I call him Eddie Haskell, for those of you old enough to have watched Leave It To Beaver) comes to my window, knocks on it, and says that Hunter threatened to throw the baseball at him. Now, knowing H the way I do (I am not just saying this because I am his mother) he is non-aggressive. He would never threaten to harm anyone, unless he was provoked. Also, knowing "Eddie" the way I do, and by the smile on "Eddie's" face, I knew that this was not the entire story. H (in the house now) enters the room crying, stating that the 3 boys (recipe for disaster) were calling him names, and when H said he was going home and that he wanted his ball back, they threatened to beat him with a bat. Lovely little heathens, they are. I then told all 3 boys to go home. Tomorrow, it is certain that at least 2 of them will be knocking on our door to play. Karma is lovely that way. It's not surprising that our society has this problem, when these kids (who are 8-10 years old) are never watched by anyone, and they roam the neighborhood. It seems I pray consistently that these renters will move, but we will just get more renters in with rotten little kids that congregate at my house. Uggghhh... Can you hear my frustration? Well, I can at least pray for Fall to come quickly, so the rotten little heathens will be in school terrorizing other little kids instead of mine. Sorry for the negative tone...because I know that we've all lived next to naughty kids before. This is nothing new.

On to something else. I had minor surgery on Monday to remove an endometrial polyp from my uterus. Is this really any better? Everything is fine except that I can't seem to get rid of this headache. I can't seem to shake it. I first noticed it after waking up from anesthesia. It's not a bad headache, just an annoying one. I wonder if that is normal?

Scott is working tonight, and we have our last 4-H meeting until Fall. We are planning on playing games and just having a fun night. Hunter is showing 3 exhibits in the fair this year. 1 in Cooking, 1 in Bicycles, and 1 in Outdoor Adventures (camping). He is pretty excited about it, and looking forward to getting paid for his accomplishments.

Matt is looking forward to attending the high school next year. He had to take a diagnostic exam to determine what classes he would be in this fall (because he was homeschooled) and he did very well. They placed him at 483 out of 500 students. He tested out of History and Science, so he doesn't need any of those for graduation unless he chooses one for an elective. He absolutely loves history and geography so he will most likely choose one of those. He was only slightly above average in Math and English. Overall very good scores. He shouldn't have any problems getting into the college of his choice. I have to say that I was a bit nervous when he went in for the test because (as his teacher) I didn't want to feel like a failure if he did poorly. He really has worked very hard these past 3 years, and I assumed he would do well, but you don't know. So I was a bit freaked out until we got the results. I guess I'm an above average teacher, or maybe it's just that I have above average children.

Well, I better get ready for 4-H tonight. I still need to bake some brownies. Hope everyone is having a good summer!

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