Tuesday, October 2

Looks like it was mono...

After a weekend stay in the pediatric ward of our local hospital, our 3 year old is home resting, and feeling much better.

I haven't been able to update my blog in a week, and this is why. A week ago Saturday, I noticed that Thumbody was feeling a bit warm. Quite warm actually. I took his temp, which read that he was at 104 degrees. Not too worried, I grabbed the children's Tylenol and gave him the instructed dose. After the Tylenol kicked in, he seemed fine. Fast forward to 3 a.m. Sunday morning. He had crawled in bed with us again, which is not uncommon, and I automatically felt his head. It's a mom thing. Well, he felt hot again. I took his temp, it read 103 or around there, so I gave him another dose, and so on every 4 hours, as his temp would spike again. Monday night, I took him temp and he was at 106. I freaked... We went to the ER. I had given him some Tylenol before we left, and by the time the doctor came in, it was down to 101.9. He still had a fever none-the-less. She felt his lymph glands, and noticed that the left side was very large. She told us to alternate Tylenol and Motrin, and gave us an antibiotic. We went home, gave him the instructed antibiotic, over the next two days, combating the fever every 4 hours. Thursday morning, his temp was way up there again, so I decided to call his pediatrician, who instructed me to bring him right in. I did, and she gave us a different but stronger antibiotic to try. Friday, late afternoon, he still felt hot. I took his temp and it was 103.7. I called the pediatrician again, and she said to come back up. After that she decided to admit him to the hospital. We were there 2 1/2 days. His fever broke on Saturday night, but his doctor wanted him to be fever free for 24 hours. We went home Sunday. What was it? His doctor had done some blood tests which revealed that he had mono, which is why the antibiotics didn't work very well. Mono is resistant to those. She also said that his mono cells were elevated, as well, in his blood.

He is feeling much better, and even drew me a nice picture last night on our living room carpet. This red flagged me that he was feeling much better. Thankfully it was with a washable marker.

I did continue with our apple study last week, and we finished it yesterday. I took more photos, but haven't downloaded them yet. I will get to that tomorrow. I am still recuperating myself from our weekend away. Today, we started our "Fall Study". I will be posting on that as well.

Hope everyone else is well. God Bless.

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