Wednesday, October 17

Update and Other Stuff

I wanted to update everyone on what's been going on this week. Sorry I haven't been on much lately. Here is an email I sent to my friend Darlene. It pretty much explains what's been going on here.

Hi Darlene,

Thank you so much for the helpful advice. I e-mailed Skaterboy's principal Monday night that he would no longer be attending WLB. I received a reply back Tuesday morning that said that he would mark Skaterboy's last day as of Monday, and that he wished us great success in Matt's education. That was it. So I think we are okay. HSLDA is a great help, and I am so glad they are there for us.

I just don't know what got into me in the first place. I think I got scared, because we had only been in school a week, and with Truthseeker now in kindergarten, I freaked. The problem was, that I wasn't ready to start yet, and I forced myself to start because the public schools were already in session, and I thought we should be also. I am learning more about homeschooling, and am realizing how much different, and better, I feel it is for our children. I don't need to run it like a public school. We can run it our own way, and like you said, not feel guilty about not accomplishing everything. I am also realizing that the more fun I make school, the longer the children will remember it. The kids loved our apple study. I still haven't updated my blog with the rest of our apple study yet, but the kids loved tossing apple seeds and counting their points (math), tasting and graphing their apples (math), learning all about Johnny Appleseed (history and literature). Truthseeker understands completely what a tall tale is now. Seeing how long it took for oxygen to turn the apple brown (science), making applesauce (science and math), and making apple prints (art). I understood what real homeschooling was about after we did the apple study. The best part is, that they remember everything we did. They had fun, and they actually learned something.

Scott was actually pretty upset with me when I said I wanted to put Skaterboy back in school. He let me do it though, however he said he knew this was going to happen. At least now I know. I am not questioning myself any longer about my abilities as a teacher, and what is best for my children.

The doctor called Monday night at about 5:30 p.m. and told us that Thumbody's cat scratch fever test came back positive. So that is what he had. I can't believe how long it took for them to figure it all out though. She said she would fax the info over to the surgeon since we have an appt. with him tomorrow. The lymph node is smaller, but the skin is still inflamed, and there is still evidence of the infection. We will be at 4-H, and I will bring back the clothing we borrowed for Railsplitters. I washed everything a few weeks ago, and we just haven't seen anyone with Thumbody being so ill. I also need to remember to bring Elizabeth's graduation gift. I hope she's not too upset about it being so late. It took me longer than I had originally anticipated.

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