Friday, March 28


I type this to you, as I look out the window of our family room. It is 6:33 a.m. to be exact, and the sky is just starting to lighten up a little. All is quiet. Scott left at 5:30 for work, and I decided to do a little blogging. I have been trying to catch up a little bit. So I have my coffee in front of me, and what I had hoped would be the fireplace blazing behind me. This is not the case, however, since I can't seem to get the fireplace going. I will try again.

I have been reading a good book I would like to share with you, called The Ministry of Motherhood, by Sally Clarkson. I will try to post daily on my readings, with her questions and my views at the end, as food for thought. Please post your views as well.

Just to jump ahead a bit, next week is going to be hairy. We have 3 doctor's appts. scheduled, including my first ever mammogram. We will see how that goes.

So I will leave you now, and will try to be back shortly with The Ministry of Motherhood.

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