Wednesday, April 2

April Fool's!

First of all, let me apologize for not updating on the book I have been reading, like I had planned to do. It's been crazy here, but I will get to that in my next post.

I have to comment on yesterday, however, because it is one of the most fun days of the year. For our family, anyway.

Each year, we try to out-do the last. So before bed the night before, we are always thinking of something really good. This year was no exception.

I think the person in our family that got it the worst this year, was Skaterboy. This is good, because he's usually the one we can never trick. Yesterday morning, I was up as usual before any kids were, and planned my attack. At about 9 a.m. I knocked on Skaterboy's door, and walked in exclaiming that he had slept until 2 p.m. That he had to get up immediately, and how could he sleep so late. Skaterboy jumped up, not even looking at his clock, exclaiming "What?", "Why did you let me sleep so late?" He was not happy. By this time, the little one's were up, trying to contain their laughter in the living room. Skaterboy sluggishly walks out of his room into the kitchen, and as he looks at the clock, we all shout April Fools. It was funny. Unfortunately for Skaterboy, he did have to get up and start his day. But we did get a good laugh. Truthseeker, kept asking me when I was going to try to fool him. I kept telling him that it won't be a trick, if you know when it's going to happen. He however was relentless most of the day, looking for tricks to be played. At 6, this was the highlight of his afternoon, and most of them had to do with Thumbody pottying on somebody's something or other. I figure, age 6 must be the year that boy's are interested in anything that is gross. These were not the best tricks to play on other family members because Thumbody has, in the past, had accidents on other people's items. I told Truthseeker, that a trick isn't nice, if it hurts another person's feelings. Although I think Thumbody was totally oblivious to the comments made about him, Truthseeker needed to know more than once that this was not nice.

Skaterboy tried to trick his dad by plastic wrapping the toilet seat. This backfired though, because his dad saw the plastic wrap, and then went in to use our bathroom instead. Skaterboy never did get us this year. I guess we should be prepared for retaliation next year as he's probably already thinking of ideas.

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