Friday, September 12

Our Vacation -- Day 3

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. We started school last Tuesday, and ever since we have been busy little beavers around here. We are also busy getting ready for the Lincoln Railsplitter Festival this weekend, and getting over a bout with the flu. Glad to be back though. Hope you didn't miss me too much. Well, I wanted to continue posting about our fabulous educational vacation we took this past August. So I will continue there. After I am finished, in a few days or so, I will catch everyone up to what we are currently doing. Our third day of vacation, we took everyone to the Lincoln Mansion, where he lived as a lawyer right before his presidency.

Here is an actual photo of his home. The Lincoln's never sold this home when they moved to Washington, because they had fully intended on moving back here, after his presidency terms ended. Unfortunately, you all know the story, and because of the tragedy and loss of the president and his sons, they never returned to their home in Springfield. Mrs. Lincoln was declared insane soon after her husband died, and sent to live in an insane asylum the rest of her life.
This is not a picture of where Abraham Lincoln took his daily BM. No, I would never take a photo like that. I wonder how many decisions and speeches were thought up, while on this very throne?

Skaterboy and Thumbody, outside the Lincoln Manson, waiting for the tour to begin.

Truthseeker and Thumbody chatting as they walked along the wooden sidewalks that surrounded Abe Lincoln's neighborhood.
Here is a picture of my grandma reading a sign on a cart that we believe to be a slave wagon.
Here is a parade float, advertising Lincoln's run for president. I think it's pretty good, considering the times. A log cabin with Lincoln's picture on it. Not at all like the floats of today, huh..

After our tour of Lincoln's home, we drove across town to the Cozy Dog Drive-in. The restaurant has been around since the 40's, and supposedly invented the first corn dog. Truthseeker stands in front of the original sign. Thumbody enjoying his meal at the Cozy Dog Drive-in. One thing we found to be an extreme treat was that they had cherry and vanilla syrup that you could add to your soda pop.

Truthseeker eating his Cozy Dog. The Cozy Dog original menu. Pretty neat, huh? The restaurant sits on the old Route 66. So it was a pretty hopping place back in it's hay day. Tomorrow I will continue our saga of vacation day 3. It was a busy day, and continued our journey after lunch. So I will post that tomorrow.

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