Thursday, August 28

Our Vacation -- Day 2

Day 2 of our vacation was spent at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, IL. We all had a wonderful time. My photos go sort of backwards, as I posted them somewhat out of order. Major highlights from the trip: 1) The White House tour was spectacular, as was the Log Cabin Home of Abraham Lincoln, when he was a boy. Very cool! We saw the BEST educational (fun) and interesting show there, called: The Ghost in The Library. No words can describe how very cool it was. You just have to see it for your self to believe it. There was another show, not quite as neat as the first one, but very informative and action packed (in 4D) called: Through The Eyes of a President, and Mary's Attic was enjoyed by us all.

Truthseeker and Mom (myself), play dress-up in Mary's Attic. Can you guess who Truthseeker is dressed up as?
Skaterboy is dressed as a young Abe Lincoln, in his early years at New Salem.
Truthseeker and Thumbody with their souvenirs from the day
Truthseeker wanted a spy glass, and Skaterboy wanted this very cool t-shirt. Abe with an I-pod, what's next?
Thumbody LOVED the Lincoln's House Play set in Mary's Attic. Thumbody enjoyed playing and pretending for a VERY long time with the Lincoln family dolls inside.
A family photo with the Lincoln Family.
All of us standing in front of the Lincoln family. I realized that we matched the family logistics on the wall, and just had to have a picture taken. Mom, Dad, and 3 boys. Sadly only 1 of their children survived. They actually led very tragic lives. Mary was declared mentally insane by her eldest son Robert, not long after Abraham was assassinated. She had lost 3 children, one at their home in Springfield, when Abe was a lawyer, one in the white house, and one not long after Abraham was assassinated. He almost made it to adulthood. All children died of closely related symptoms. Very sad indeed.

Truthseeker dressed up in an Abraham mask, and Yankee coat.
My grandma dressed up in period clothing. As you can see we all had fun dressing up in Mary's Attic.
Thumbody in a confederate coat. We don't have any other photos of the museum, because in most areas photography is prohibited. It is so worth the minimal cost to go. So... if you ever get to Springfield, IL. You should check it out!

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