Tuesday, May 5

Field Trip To Lincoln Memorial Gardens -- Springfield, IL

April 24, 2009... Our homeschool nature study group met up with the Springfield group, and met at the Lincoln Memorial Gardens. Once there, we split up into 5 groups, with our group being the younger children's group. Skaterboy went with the older kids. We had such a pleasant time identifying different trees and flowers. We got to see a crane, down by the lakeside. The hike took about 45 minutes, and the kids enjoyed it tremendously. Every so many feet along the path, were benches, each with a quote from Abraham Lincoln on them. Later we went inside the Garden nature center, and the kids were able to do some hands-on activities, and got the chance to pet a turtle, and some baby raccoons. I will post those photos tomorrow. Have a great night!
Oh, by the way, the recipe I made the other day was wonderful. It really didn't taste much different from the one I had at the restaurant. I have learned recently, that cooking with raw shimp makes a huge difference. I was originally using precooked shimp for my recipes, and they always tasted rubbery. The raw shrimp (although more work) were much, much better. I will try to post the recipe tomorrow as well.

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