Monday, May 11

My Mom

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I know that I called you last night, but felt that I wanted to do a post as well about my dear old mom. Here are 30 interesting facts about my mom:

1. My mom was not always old, she was once young, like this. (This tid-bit is for my kids)
2. My mom is a very creative seamstress, and can create almost any costume imaginable.
3. My mom (and dad) love to dress up for parties.
4. My mom loves to entertain.
5. My mom once dumped an entire container of worms in her lap.
6. My mom once let my oldest son hang fishing lures from her face.
7. My mom makes the best cheesecake in this entire world. One was once auctioned off for over $100.
8. My mom has traveled to many parts of this world.
9. My mom loves to travel.
10. My mom loves to talk to her kids most.
11. My mom is beautiful.
12. My mom loves to shop.
13. My mom is loved by my dad.
14. My mom won't tell anyone her age.
15. My mom is a self professed black thumb at growing things.
16. My mom would die for her children.
17. My mom has 12 grandchildren.
18. My mom teaches Sunday School.
19. My mom can't remember dates well.
20. My mom loves the lake.
21. My mom is the only person I know who owns a bidet.
22. My mom can't speak any foreign languages.
23. My mom can type very fast.
24. My mom's favorite color is orange.
25. My mom used to drive an orange beetle.
26. My mom currently owns a white MG convertible.
27. My mom used to sing to us when we were kids, and sometimes still does.
28. My mom has been a secretary, a cashier, a salesgirl, a waitress, a Tupperware lady, a nurse's aid, she tied flies, worked on a potato farm, was an office manager, worked in collections at a hospital, was a home care manager, worked in an orthodontist's office, worked in a factory, was a travel agent, was a church secretary, owns her own travel business, and works at a doctor's office.
29. My mom got her driver's license when she was in her 20's.
30. My mom graduated from college when she was in her 40's.

Love you mom, for all the things you do!


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