Saturday, July 4

Palin's Resignation...Goodbye Old Friend.

It came with a sort of melancholy sadness, when I heard that Sarah Palin had resigned her post as governor of Alaska yesterday. Sadness, because my hopes of her becoming the first female president or vice-president someday are now a bit a wash. It's okay though, as a mother, I completely understand. She is not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. Sarah Palin has been a great mentor for me. A mother, first, and a working mom, second. She has supported many things that I also support. Things maybe other women have lost sight of, or disagree with. Biblical principles, and standing our ground for those principles.

I have never really done a political post before, and to be honest have never really considered myself a political person. Yes, I vote, even on the local front, but have never really supported or apposed a candidate, other than when voting. I was a Bush supporter, and have always felt that he was treated unfairly due to the circumstances at hand. I have mixed emotions regarding our current president, but I won't get into that here. Sarah was the one person that I (personally) could relate to. She made it okay for women to slow down. She made it okay for women to want to stay home and raise their children. She made it okay to let God plan the size of our families. She made it okay for mothers to choose their families first. This is big! In the past, Conservative men have made these claims, and it was all fine and good, but when she was saying it, she meant it, because she has lived it.

I love the fact that she shops second hand. Don't all women? I love the fact that she looks like a mom. I love the fact that she personifies motherhood. I love the fact that she is choosing her family ahead of her career. It says volumes.

Will I continue to follow Sarah's example? Yes, indeed. I truly hope that she will continue to teach mothers how to continue on the path to excellence in motherhood, hopefully through a book series. I am signing up for an advanced copy right now.

So Sarah, goodbye old friend. I know that you won't be truly gone, but no longer in the limelight for others to judge or see. You will be doing what you do best; mothering. I will be doing the same.

Have a great 4th!

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