Wednesday, December 26


"Sisters, Sisters... there were never such devoted sisters" -- White Christmas.

This is definitely a true statement, when it comes to my sisters. Even though there are times, when we are not at our best, our best thoughts are always with each other. There is a bond between sisters, and mothers, and grandmothers, that is important to remember. We are all mothers. All the same, all wanting the same things for our children. All wanting the best that money can't buy. This is something that never changes throughout a mother's life. You are always a mother, no matter how old, and you always cherish your children most.

This year I bought each of us a Mom bracelet. My Grandma, My Mom, My Sisters, and I. I didn't get to explain why I did this, and hopefully they are reading this, so they can know why. It's a reminder of our womanly bond. Motherhood. It's important, it's special, it's everlasting. It's a reminder of the the love we share for each other, all the same. Even with our different personalities, and our different outlooks on life, we love each other. We are Moms!

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