Friday, December 14

The Week's Not Over Yet...

I must admit that this week through me for a loop. Next week is no better I'm afraid. A whirlwind of activities, and events are creeping up, and all that with last minute shopping still to be done.

Yesterday, I hosted the homeschool co-op here, at our home. We had 13 children show up, and 5 adults. The theme was Advent. The children watched a short video on Advent, and then proceeded to make their own advent wreath out of card stock. They turned out very cute, and it appeared that everyone had a great time.

After the kids were done creating their advent wreath, they slowly trickled outside to our back yard to light saber. Yes, girls are in the minority in our homeschool group. Hence, the lightsabering. Luckily, the boys found enough lightsabers for each boy to have one. This is our 2nd generation of Star Wars toys, as my husband was first, then Skaterboy, Truthseeker, and Thumbody. They do get quite rambunctious, so I prefer they do their lightsabering outside.

Tonight I am hosting our homeschool co-op's Mom's Night Out. Mom's come and meet in our family room, and we scrapbook, craft, crochet, whatever... and do plenty of talking. This group has come to mean so much to me, as we all share something very important to us, and that is homeschooling our most precious gifts from God. When you are home all day, it is so nice to get away for awhile, even if it is only to my own family room. I am blessed with a wonderful DH who watches our 3 so I can have this time for myself.

My MIL, her brother, and my DH's brother are coming tonight, and staying until tomorrow. My DH is taking her to see her new apartment, that they will be moving into next month. With Scott's dad gone, it was so much easier for her to get rid of her house, and all the responsibility that came with it, and move down by us. It will be nice to have them so close.

Tomorrow night, Skaterboy is having his birthday slumber party. I can't believe he will be 15 on Sunday. Am I really that old? He invited 3 friends to spend the night, and hopefully I won't regret the outcome.

Sunday is Skaterboy's official birthday, and we will be celebrating as a family on that day.

Tuesday we have friends coming over for our Annual Christmas Party.

Wednesday is Scott's Work Christmas Party, and that will be eventful I am sure.

Thursday is our annual 4-H Christmas Party.

Does it ever end.....

I actually am looking forward to the upcoming events scheduled. When it's all said and done, I will sit back quietly and say to myself, Whew..... 12 more months 'til we do it all again.

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