Monday, December 7


Well, I certainly don't have a few to share this time. First of all, I didn't post on McMama's Blog this very same thing, before I learned how to link myself... Long story, but basically the same thing I posted there. Tried to copy and paste, but it didn't work. Anyway, never mind. I can never get the same wording twice, so please bear with me.

My NOT ME weekend started Friday, when I took the kids (with our homeschool group) to The Nutcracker Ballet. Midway through the show, I most certainly did not find my self staring at a particular male ballerina's man candy, while he was pirouetting all around the stage. Not that he wasn't (or was) wearing a thong under his white and very form fitting tights, but the package in front most certainly was not "out-there" so to speak, for the world to see.

This morning I never would have succumb to my 5 year old's half-hour fit over wanting to put all the nutcracker ornaments on the tree and not share with his brother. His reasoning... because at said Nutcracker ballet above, his brother told him that it was boring, so apparently he thought he didn't deserve to put any nutcrackers on the tree.

Later this afternoon, my middle child, the boring nutcracker boy, while reading the states off in a random form, and as a 2nd grader is the perfect reader who never mispronounces anything, did not read West Vagina aloud, instead of you guessed it, West Virginia. It's just been a house full of nutcrackers and vagina's all day long!

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