Thursday, December 31


Here are my 12 favorite photos of 2009 in 12 minutes (Read below for details...) Here is also an explanation as to why they are my favorites too :)

This one just needs no explanation! Too funny, and almost scary...

My sweet littlest lamb E, all ready for the Christmas Program at church. He was a sheep. Can you tell?

I just love this photo I took last weekend. All the kids in a row on their way down the sledding hill.
The boys with my favorite student D that I helped teach from 2003-2006. I know, a teacher is not supposed to have a favorite, but I just love this little guy. He's 9 now, and still a close friend of the family. So glad he is friends with my boys.

Scott and I in 2010. Well, we will be working toward that goal, but I don't think you will be seeing me in a two piece any time soon. Like... never!

This is so funny. I had been blaming M for messing up my computer, just recently before I took this photo. He kept messing with the setting, and it was annoying me to no end. Then one day, I tried to get on this particular website and this is the message that came up. I ran and got M and showed him it. He was like.... "What???? I didn't do anything!" I had to take a photo! Sooo funny, I guess you had to be there.

H with one of the pups. Too cute for words!

E and I in our Little Missmatched Socks! Love them!

Look at the smile on E's face. He had caught a chicken in the 4-H Chicken Scramble. He was so proud of himself! He received a gift certificate to Dairy Queen.

H and E, 2 of my 3 silly boys.

Spaghetti Fight! Need I say more?

My precious Christmas Angel!

Just in-case you are just stepping into this, and are unaware of what is going on with this post. See Stacy's blog post under Sprinkles for today. Here is the link:

What is a Sprinkle? Well Stacy posts a challenge, either scrapbooking related or sometimes not, but definitely something worthwhile and rewarding. Helping us to Sprinkle our lives with Color and Happiness.

So this challenge is somewhat scrapbook related, and since I am attending a weekend retreat next weekend in Bloomington, I am thrilled with the possibilities this gives me as a scrapbooker. It simply makes scrapbooking more fun. Last summer I realized that my scrapbooking, although still a fun hobby, was losing it's excitement. Yes, you heard me say it here. Can you believe it? So I was reading some of Stacy's hints in one of her books I own called Photo Freedom. Here is where I would post an Amazon Link if I could, but I don't know how, so you will just have to look it up yourselves, sorry... it's by Stacy Julian. So what did I do? I took my scrapbooking stuff outside. It was a beautiful day, the kids were swimming in the pool, I was under a big umbrella at the table with some of my scrapbook stuff, and I created like I hadn't done in a long time. And it was fun. So much fun, and so relaxing. So I did it again on a nice day, and so on. I have now figured out that I enjoy scrapbooking outdoors more than scrapbooking indoors. Funny thing about life. Another challenge of Stacy's that I tried a couple years back was to just grab random photos, your box of scraps, a stapler, and adhesive, 1 black pen. Only use those things. I had a blast scrapbooking with only those items, and some of my favorite pages came from that. So thanks to Stacy, I am figuring out new ways to stay happy and excited in my hobby.
Thanks Stacy, for making this year a whole lot brighter, and here's a champagne toast full of Jelly Bellies to you! Happy Double Digits Everyone! 2010 here we come!

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Jana said...

Love your 12 pics. Wasn't this tough? Just picking 12!!! Yours are great.