Tuesday, June 17

Happy Apron Day...

No it's not a national holiday (although, National Apron Wearing Day, was last month...) I designed and sewed this apron for my mother's birthday, and gave it to her this past weekend. I am also in the process of sewing one for my grandmother, but it's not quite finished yet. I found the initial design on-line, and it's called the Emiline Apron. I did not purchase the pattern for this apron, but used what little design skills I obtained in college, to design the one I made, pictured below. My mom was thrilled btw, and it fit her perfectly.
As you can tell my my sewing mess on either side of the photo, it took time to find just the right fabric for this apron, from my stash. All is put away now, and all is quiet in my house, as the guests have left for home along with my teenager, whom I miss terribly, but am enjoying an almost empty house.

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