Friday, June 20

Little Morton Salt "Boy"?

This photo I took of Thumbody, (who by the way, I am thinking about changing his "on-line" name to "stubborn as an ox"), at the park on this sunny Summer afternoon. Doesn't he remind you of the little Morton Salt Girl? Well, boy in this case. I just love these little bucket hats. I am totally drawn to them at the store. They always seem to catch my eye right away, and how can I say no? This is Thumbody's 2nd bucket hat, as he outgrew his orange one, a year ago. Have I ever mentioned that I love Baby Gap? I can't help myself, and they have great clearance racks. Whenever I go to garage sales, I look for anything nice that is Baby Gap. It wears wonderfully, and the resale value is very good. I purchased this hat on my last outing to the mall, at of course, Baby Gap, along with the cutest pair of leather tennis shoes, on sale for $12. Even Wal-Mart's shoes are more than that. The hat was $8. Well, worth it, in my humble opinion. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am not a name brand shopper. Most everything I buy, is penny-wise. I just can't help myself, when it comes to this particular store. Luckily, I only venture in, a few times a year. BTW, Thumbody loves his hat, and wears it all the time. In fact, it's hard to get him to take it off inside the house. I just think he is such a cutie. Now, if I could only work on his stubborn attitude. Strong willed is an understatement, with this child.

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Melissal89 said...

The pictures of your son are so cute...I mean handsome!

I found your blog through your post through the CM group and just wanted to let you know that my children and I are nature crazy people! And I thought you'd might enjoy our blog which is heavy in nature study inspiration department.

Blessings to you!