Sunday, June 22

Summertime Fun!

Thumbody enjoying playing amoung the lilies in our front yard, on this particular Summer's day. He knows not to pick them, and only touch them gently, so we can enjoy their beauty for a long time to come.

The 2 photos above remind me of a song that is sung on a Dr. Suess VHS tape we own called The Hoober Bloob Highway. The song goes like this: "... "and we had fun among the daisys, under the bright, beautiful bright, blue sky... where we can lay about, nice and lazy..." The song is about Summer. I can't remember the rest, but the minute I saw him in my lilies, I thought of the song. I am sure it will be a scrapbook title of some sort, when I'm done with it. I guess I will have to watch the movie again, to refresh my memory on the lyrics.

This photo is of Truthseeker's first bike ride in the street. Mind you, we live on a dead end street, so there's no outlet. It's pretty safe, and the neighborhood kids ride up and down it every day. Truthseeker (6) still uses training wheels, and a helmet. (Which none of the other kids use, but I feel is necessary, and a good habit to get into.) It was definitely an enjoyable day.

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