Monday, June 2

What I did today....And the day's not over yet.

Well, yesterday dh finally got the garden tilled, and mixed in all the organic hummus manure, organic peat hummus, sand, and top soil. It was quite a chore, since he had to mix each in one at a time with the tiller. That's about 4x back and forth across the garden. He finished just before dinner. After dinner, I went outside (before cleaning up the kitchen), so I could plant before it got dark. Wouldn't you know it, we got company. And company that had never been to our house before. Isn't it always the way it works? So my kitchen is a mess, and I am covered in dirt from the garden. Yippee!!!! But we visited until it got dark, and after they left, I went inside to clean up the kitchen. I did manage to get a row of potatoes, a row of carrots, and a row of radishes planted. Tonight after supper, I will plant the rest of my rows.

This morning I read a story from Uncle Wiggily, to Hunter and Ethan, and also the story of Moses. He completed a dot-to-dot on Moses, and drew a picture of him in a basket. He has been working on 3 syllable words, and completed an assignment on that. In math he is learning about money, and was able to use nickles and pennies to add different amounts of change.

I have laundry out to dry on the line, and have been watching the kids swim most of the day. It's a scorcher, that's for certain. I finally punched holes in all the kid's assignments from the last 3 months, and put them in their respective binders. I can feel school, slowly coming to an end for the semester. At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have also been searching my Charlotte Mason websites, and planning and purchasing books for next year. This is a task in itself.

I still have laundry to finish, and dinner to fix, and then of course the kids need baths tonight, and then there is the planting, I fore mentioned. It doesn't seem like the day will end soon enough.

Dh is finally home from work. I am thrilled to tell him that our stimulus check is set to arrive by June 6. He will be happy with this news. So I will say farewell for now.

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