Friday, May 23

$50 you say..... ?

Okay, so sometimes a great deal happens "by act of God"? Maybe....Maybe not? We have been in desperate need of a new entertainment center for quite a few years. Well, on a not so distant Friday in May, a dear friend called me and asked if I would be interested in a solid oak entertainment center with 2 lighted curios on each side. Apparently a friend of hers, that I had met once or twice, was trying to get rid of it. This friend of hers is a doctor's wife, and I knew that she had wonderful taste in decorating. My first question was, how much? Janet said, how's $50 sound? I almost dropped the phone. So the following day we took the truck up to Normal, IL and picked up this beautiful and huge piece of furniture. We love it! So thank you, thank you, Janet (and Michelle) for this wonderful surprise...

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