Saturday, May 31

Just Like Back When....

Today, was just like any other day, except that we didn't have any power. For 10 hours to be exact. Last night we had a terrible storm, and when we awoke we found that our street was covered in tree branches. This is not an uncommon sight in our area. Last year I watched as the huge cottonwood tree next door got hit by lightning. I literally saw sparks and fire, and then a huge branch fall to the ground. It was a blessing that it didn't hit anything, or anyone. Anyway, with no power for most of the day, the neighborhood suddenly came alive. Most everyone decided to sit outside and visit with each other. This is an uncommon sight. I even got the chance to see our next door neighbor's wife, that I have never seen or met, for the 4 years we've lived here. Everyone was commenting on the storm, while the men cleared the branches from the street. It made me think of how life should be. Or at least, the way life used to be. It was a nice treat, for those 10 hours or so, and the weather was perfect. Sun shining, and not too hot. Perfect visiting weather. I can't say that I hope the power goes out again, any time soon, but it sure was nice for today. As you can see by my post, the power is back on, and everyone is again, inside their little comfort zones. How sad that makes me, as I look out across the street to the house where everyone just a few hours ago, gathered to chat, because there was nothing better to do.
In a way, I hope it happens again....soon.

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