Sunday, May 25

Sorry... I am having problems downloading photos

I'm not sure what happened, but the other night I as I was downloading my most recent scrapbook pages in the Creating Keepsakes Gallery, I found that my last download wasn't going through. Then today I was trying to download some cute pictures I had taken at the park of Thumbody, and the computer won't let me download those either. I think I might know the problem, but it will take me a little while to fix it. I think that a program my oldest son downloaded, is making our system perform very slow. Much to his chagrin, I may have to delete it.

Yesterday was very busy, as we all drove 5 hours to Marion, IL for a nice relaxing picnic. It was a long drive, but a very scenic one, and one the boys enjoyed immensely. When we returned home, at around 6 p.m., Thumbody was asleep. After laying him down in his bed, unpacking the van, and starting dinner (easy jar sauce spaghetti, and butter bread), we were exhausted. Scott stayed up with Truthseeker, and after reading my email, I went to bed.

Today has been pretty uneventful. The kids are napping, and Scott is watching a movie. I have been searching the internet for a good salmon recipe for tonight. I haven't found one yet, so I better keep looking. I may just use the recipe I usually use, if I can't find anything better. My allergies are really bad today. The cottonwood trees are blowing their pollen everywhere. I noticed that my eyes were itching for the first time this year, yesterday, and today they were itching as well. But, I took my Ivy Extract, and I am feeling fine now. For those of you who have never tried it, I highly recommend it. I found the herbal supplement when I was pregnant with Truthseeker. I couldn't take my usual medications that I usually took for my allergies, and a friend suggested these. I purchased a huge bottle of the tiny green pills, and believe it or not, that same bottle has lasted over 6 years. They work fabulously, and with no side effects. They also take care of all my symptoms, and not just a few of them, like Allegra and Zertec did. I love them, and they are all natural, and I believe organic. Anytime I can take an all natural product vs. a manufactured product, I am all for it. These really work.

So anyway, this afternoon, Scott and I pitched the huge red rug that was under our kitchen table, as we figured out that the awful smell we were encountering was the dog's pee pee. He was using the rug as a potty. I never realized he was doing it. I am always sweeping and vacuuming the rug, I'm surprised I never noticed it before now. I guess he thought the rug was a fire hydrant. Well, now we know better. Scott then scrubbed the kitchen floor (he's so much better at it than I am) and it now smells so nice in there again.

The sun is starting to shine. It rained most of the morning. I wonder if we'll get a chance to go outside and till some more on the garden. I really need to start planting. My pansies in the huge pots out front are starting to come up, and my lilies are blooming like crazy. My new plants that I transplanted last week are fairing well so far, although they are still looking a bit droopy. Does anyone know if I should be giving them extra water to make them more lively? I have been watering them every other day, which may not be good enough, considering that they are a transplant.

I hope that the few people that read this, have a great Memorial Day Weekend with their families.

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