Wednesday, May 7

Sorry I've been MIA...

I have actually been pretty busy. We have been buckling down with the kid's schoolwork, and trying to fit in everything we have needed to accomplish for the year. I don't teach during the Summer so the kids actually get a break from school, like all their friends that are not homeschooled. Looks like we will be through the first or second week of June. For those of you who are wondering. Skaterboy will be going to his grandparent's house in Missouri for some of the Summer to help his Papa wire houses. This will be quite an experience for him as it is officially his first "real" job.

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to explore Decatur a little with a friend of mine, and we had a wonderful time window shopping, and just touring the town. I told Scott I wanted to go to Decatur for Mother's Day and take the kids to the zoo, and have a picnic lunch at the park. I have discovered that they have the best playground and picnic area there. The playground is all made of wood, and it is simply huge. There are lots of levels, like a giant fort, with lots of fun things to do inside. I just think the young ones will love it. I hope the weather is nice.

Tomorrow is our annual homeschool coop picnic at the park. It will be fun to see the kids run around and enjoy themselves with each other. I know I am sounding bias, but homeschooled kids are just so friendly and polite. They are kids that you just want your own kids to hang out with. Not that nonhomeschooled kids are bad, some are just as wonderful. Skaterboy's best friend who lives down the road, is one of the most polite boys I have ever met, and I believe I would trust him in any situation. He is perfect for Skaterboy to hang out with. He has been a great influence on Skaterboy, and has influenced his behavior and attitude in a good way. Skaterboy has been friends with him for about 4 years now, as he attends the school that Skaterboy used to attend, and was in the same class.

Monday, my friend Michelle is coming over, and we are going to redesign my yard. Michelle has a degree in landscaping, and I am so excited to see what she has planned. Scott has been busy tilling up different areas so I am able to plant what I need to when she get here. I know she has quite a few extra perennials for me. It will definitely take work, but I am excited to see the end result. I just planted Pansies in my 2 big planters out front, and I plan to plant my vegetable garden next week. Of course, the kids always like to plant their own little patch, for which I have enjoyed letting them do for the past few years. Two years ago, Truthseeker's little garden fared much better than mine, with certain vegetables. I just love the Summertime, and gardening, and just being outside. Don't you?

I think I will go now, I need to get busy with other stuff. Saturday morning, Skaterboy and I are sneaking out of the house to go mushroom hunting out in the woods. Last week, when he was out exploring with a friend, he came home with a plastic grocery bag half full of Morels. They were so good. We plan to spend a couple hours out there getting what we can before the season ends.

By for now! Amy

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