Sunday, May 25

I am so Sad...

I just read on a friend's blog that my favorite Christian singer's daughter was killed accidentally last Wednesday. Her teenage brother backed over her in the driveway, with his SUV. It is so heart wrenching when something like this happens, and it seems so senseless. Last Friday, I watched an episode of Oprah, on this very subject. Please, I beg you, if you are reading my blog, anytime you are on your way to go somewhere, walk behind your vehicle before getting in. It could save a life. This very thing almost happened to us a few weeks back, when we went to pick up our new entertainment center. The truck was loaded full, and we decided to back into the driveway, instead of pull in forward. Before I knew it, my husband gasped, and I said what? He said that Thumbody was behind the truck. Before we could even see him, Thumbody had dashed out of the house, and was behind the truck. It nearly made me sick. Thank goodness Scott looked behind him before he continued to back up. This is so serious, and Oprah said is one of the leading causes of accidental death among young children today. So please, please, watch out for those little ones.

Here is the link to Stephen Curtis Chapman's blog about his daughter Maria:

Please keep these babies safe... I beg you!!!

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