Tuesday, July 29

The Aftermath of Last Week's Storm

Last week, around 7 p.m. the emergency weather sirens went off all over town; for about 8 minutes, that is. So we gathered the kids and went to our designated "safe place" in our home (Scott's and my bathroom), and we waited out the storm. The storm was loud, but no tornado's were sighted, and was over rather quickly. After the storm, we looked in our backyard, and noticed that our outdoor table had been flung over, and shattered. The umbrella, was also broken. Oh well, we said, at least we were safe.

The next morning, the kids wanted me to take them to the park for a picnic. To our surprise, this is what we found. Funny how it seems that only a tornado could do such damage, but I guess strong winds can rip trees out of the ground as well. Didn't know that.

On a sad note, a family of campers in Springfield lost their 4 YO that night, as a tree fell on their tent. Even sadder still, is that this morning I just heard that their 9 MO. daughter died last night in another camping accident. They had 5 children, and now only have 3. Camping can be dangerous, if you don't keep a constant eye on your kids. There are many things that can happen, and they can get hurt, if not watched carefully. It's just too bad that this tragedy even happened.

This storm provided a huge learning experience for the small ones. We talked about how storms can be very dangerous and strong, and discussed how to stay safe during them.

Right after I posted this, I caught something on the news that said the the 9 MO was struck by lightning, and the parents had to make the painful decision to stop life support on her, yesterday. These last few storms have been really bad ones. I will be praying for the family. Please do the same.

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