Wednesday, July 16


Well, I am proud to announce that I have finally found my camera. I had forgotten that I took it to the water park last week, and never unpacked our beach bag. That's where it was. Anyway, after I found my camera this morning, I couldn't resist cutting a few of the beautiful flowers that are growing in our yard. Everything seems to be in full bloom. Don't flowers make you feel good on any given day? I just can't imagine our world without them. Thank you God...Some of the flowers I cut for our kitchen table include purple cone flowers, rose of Sharon, and pink pansies. Don't you think that they color coordinate so well?
Here are photos of my rose of Sharon bush out front. I love this time of year when it's in full bloom. The next two photos below are of this same bush.

The photo below is of my plum tree. The plums are ripe, sweet, and juicy. The kids and I had such fun picking a few, and tasting them this afternoon. I need to pick them all by Friday, before they fall to the ground.
My lilies always bloom in the spring, and this day lily plant always blooms around this time of year. Such a beautiful bloom, don't you think?
I was so surprised when every purple cone flower plant that my friend Michelle gave me to transplant this year bloomed. I have over 10 blooms. Thanks Michelle, they are beautiful.
The rest of the photos below are of my pink pansies that I planted earlier this summer. I bought them all for less than $5 a bunch, at Walmart. I have always had luck with pansies, and I just love how they look.

Sorry, I don't have time tonight to finish what I was blogging about yesterday. I will try to get to that tomorrow. Enjoy the photos.

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