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Well, I still haven't found my camera. I remember asking Scott to fetch it for me sometime last week when we were going somewhere where I thought I might need it. I don't remember where though. Hopefully it will turn up.

Back to what I was discussing yesterday in my blog, with my little anecdotes added in for good measure, I will begin at number 21.

21. Drink good coffee, eat good food. Well, not only will good food make you physically feel better; good food and drink can emotionally make you feel good as well. I love sushi. I've said it here before. It just tastes so fresh and good. It makes me feel good to eat it. So my emotional well being is satisfied, along with the fact that sushi is physically good for you as well. Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee? I can hardly pass Gloria Jean's in the mall without stopping in for something to drink. Skaterboy loves this little shop as well. When we are together at the mall, it is a must, that we stop there. Sure... we could save the $10, and make something at home, and I do, but on occasion I feel it's okay and good to splurge on the good stuff in life. We only live once, right?
22. Razzle Dazzle on occasion. This kind of goes along with what I said above. How often do we have a chance to get all dolled up, and go somewhere? Not often enough, I believe. We live in a very casual society these days, and it's important to remember to do this at least once or twice a year, or more.
23. Age Exquisitively. When the kids were really little, and I was busy, busy, busy, I made the mistake of losing myself to what was needed of me by others. I became invisible. Everything I did, was for other people. I didn't exercise. I didn't eat well. I didn't take care of myself. I thought that being a mother meant that I was to give all of my self to my children. I now realize how wrong that belief I had was. I am living in this world also, and deserve to be happy and healthy doing so. I didn't have to give up taking care of my family, to take care of myself, I just had to prioritize. I think that is what makes us stay young. If we walk around looking like we just climbed out from under a rock, then we are not going look or feel good. I feel at my best when I am looking my best. This includes when I am at home alone with the kids. No one can see me but them, and they don't care, but I see me, and I care. I am important too.
24. Stop and realize. Sometimes we have to take a step back, and look at where we've come from and where we are going. It's important to do this in all areas of our lives. Financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc. It's important to address each area of our lives on a regular basis to discover what it is that we want in life, and how far we are from getting there.
25. Obey the laws. This goes without saying, but I think that it also means that we should do what we feel is right in any given situation. If we are making mistakes all the time, we can and will not be balanced. A balanced life is a stress-free happy life. If you have children, it is very important that you not only practice what you preach, but you stand up for what you feel is right. If you don't, your children won't either.
26. Breathe. This means relax. Don't let stress bog you down. I know from experience that when I get stressed, or feel overwhelmed, I will force myself to take a deep breath, take a walk, or sleep on it. All these things will help you feel renewed, and allow you to have a better perspective on what needs to take place.
27. Designate a sacred spot. When I was a child, I had this very special spot out in the woods behind our house and I would go there to be alone. I love to be around people, but I cherish being alone. I love having the whole house to myself at times, and have the freedom to do whatever I would like to do. It's a wonderful feeling to have a place all your own. I sacred place that you can go to reflect, and reenergize. This blog that I started last year, is one of my sacred places that I can go and fill with whatever I want. Whether anyone reads it or not, I feel that I need to have a place that I can go and express my feelings and thoughts about things, just to be able to get it out. Not necessarily to be heard. Although encouraging remarks are always welcomed, and appreciated.
28. Put up with some discomfort. Let's face it, life is no bowl of cherries. We are human, and our bodies were not made to last forever. In our lifetime we will face many challenges, and many of those challenges will involve some sort of pain or discomfort. Some will experience more pain than others. The point is, that sometimes it takes a little pain and discomfort for us to learn whatever it is that God is trying to teach us. Sometimes we have to endure some discomfort, in order to see the big picture. It doesn't help to complain about it, unless it's to a doctor, who can help you. I don't recommend self diagnosing on the internet. I have done this, and it caused me additional stress. See a doctor and relieve you mind. If you don't have a doctor you can be open and honest with, it's time to find another one.
29. Draw from the past. Looking at where we've come from can help us in more ways than we can imagine. Look at mistakes you made in the past, and vow to never make those again. Look at relationships that you may have ended, and try to heal those if you can. It will make you feel better, and maybe make someone else feel better as well. It's hard for us to forgive people. It's not in our nature to forgive. It's so important that we learn to forgive however, because if we go around with a hell-bent attitude our whole lives we will become miserable people that no one wants to be around. There is always the chance that the recipient will not forgive you back, but isn't it worth it to know in your heart that you did all you could to help reestablish the relationship? That in itself is a very big thing.
30. Watch your words. So many times in the Bible it is commanded by God that people should watch their words. I have been guilty of this many times. Anger can make us say things we don't really mean, or intentionally hurt someone beyond measure. Sometimes it takes years to forget hurtful things that have been said to us, in anger. Words can cut like a knife, and murder someones spirit. I read something so profound in a book titled, To Train Up a Child, by Debi Pearl and her husband. It said that children are like balloons, tied to us with many tiny strings. Each time we yell, or say hurtful demeaning things to our child, we are cutting a string. When all the strings are cut, the child will no longer respect the parent, and will look elsewhere for guidance. IMHO, I feel that this is why there are so many problems with today's youth. We can retie these strings by saying encouraging things to our children, and vowing not to cut any more. I made the mistake of cutting a lot of strings with my oldest son. I have to admit that I didn't have a clue as how to raise a teenager, when I started. His early teenage years were very rebellious. He didn't feel that he could confide in me about things, so he went looking elsewhere. It has taken a long time to try to tie these cut strings, and I am still working to tie a lot of them. The important thing is that I continue to try, and not give up. If you are a parent that believes that you haven't yet cut any strings, or are the parent of a very young child, start now building those strings up. Make them thick like rope, so they will be hard to cut. This will pay-off in the long run. This works for other family members, and spouses, as well.
31. Ask for what you want. So many times my husband has asked me to tell him what it is that I want him to do, or say, or buy. Sometimes I will beat around the bush a little (especially if it's something big) and he hates that. So many times we assume that our partner is in tune with what we are thinking, and they are not even close to the same page we are on. I have been hurt by things that I thought that my husband was feeling, and he not even have a clue what I am hurt about. If you want something from your partner, whether it be physical, emotional, or tangible, ask for it. This includes our bosses, as well. Speak up, and you may get the raise or promotion you've been seeking. If not, you will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you asked, and may be able to ask what it is that you can do to achieve that goal. This will add to your self worth, and accountability.
32. Become an unhurried woman. This can be done. I once multi-tasked everything in life. My life was crazy, and out of control, until I stepped back and took a look at what was happening around me. It's so important that we slow down. We don't have to be superwoman. No one has ever given us that title, nor do we want it. Take things in stride, and schedule your time wisely. I chose a few years ago, to not put my kids in every little thing, even if my friends were doing it. Kids can not feel the security of home, when they are never there. Plan ahead. Let them pick one thing that they are interested in, and plan around that one thing. Church is a big priority for us, so we plan around that. 4-H is another big priority for us, so we plan around that, once a month. We try to do as many things as a family, as possible. Scott and I plan one night a month for us to enjoy each other's company alone. Everywhere else we go, we take the kids. It's important for them to know what a post office looks like; what the bank looks like; what the grocery store looks like. This does not mean that we should not take some time out for ourselves once in a while. This is also important. I have a few friends that I scrapbook with once a month. It is important to keep up with these relationships, simply because it makes us feel good. We schedule our calendar for the next month, a few weeks ahead. The schedule rarely has to be adjusted, and we make sure we have lots of home time in there as well.

Well, there is more... but I need to go for the day. I will continue tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed reading and learning with me. Enjoy the photos I have posted below. They pertain to yesterday's post.

Have a great day!


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