Thursday, July 17


This has been all the rage on many blogs that I have encountered lately. I happened to have seen it first on Merranda's blog, and many others since then. What a great idea, I thought. Getting our kids to eat bits and pieces of new things, and leftovers. Most of the mother's do this on Monday, and call it Muffin Tin Monday. I have used this method on any given day, that I have bits and pieces of leftovers to get rid of. It has worked well. Whoever thought of this idea should be commended. This was Muffin Tin Wednesday at our house last week. I plan to use this again today. Hey, maybe they will even try the shrimp sushi I made yesterday. Hmmmm.... doubt it.
Well, our muffin tins above are actually mini muffin tins, as I don't believe my kids would eat more than that for lunchtime. Starting at top left we have bing cherries, ham slices, macadamia nuts, blueberries, colby/jack cheese, almonds, fruit cocktail, circle crackers, animal crackers, m&ms/yogurt covered raisins, avocado slices, toothpicks as utensils. The boys ate it quite well, which is a plus considering my picky eaters. Have you ever tried this, or something similar? If so, please reply to this post.

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MerrandaVK said...

Fun that you tried this too! Who would have thought such a simple idea would be so fun for youngsters. We missed this week as we were out of town, but we'll be back in it this MON! Take Care!

(My kids LOVE toothpicks too.)