Monday, August 4

My heart is changing for you, Oh Lord...

"God does not account for His actions nor does He reveal his plans to us; therefore, it is difficult to endure in faith and hope - difficult, but not impossible, for God never sends us trials which are beyond our strength, just as He never abandons us unless we first abandon Him."

"God loves us, not because we are without sin, but because we are his children, in whom He has diffused His grace. We should never insult God by refusing to believe in His forgiveness; neither should we become discouraged because of the faults which escape us in spite of our good will. If we become discouraged, it is because we are seeking perfection not for God’s glory alone but for our own satisfaction as well, and also because we would prefer to find security in ourselves rather than to rely upon God alone. All this, in reality, is the result of subtle pride. Instead of becoming disturbed and irritated by our imperfections, we must acknowledge them humbly, present them to God as a sick man shows his wounds to his doctor, ask pardon, and then immediately renew our efforts with great confidence."

I did not think up the quotes that are listed above, but when I read them first, they spoke to me. Do they speak to you too?

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