Tuesday, August 26

OK.... I Lied! I Won!!!!!!

No really, I was so tired on Saturday evening from the all night scrap-a-thon, that in hour 30 when they posted the winners, I didn't even see my name or email name, as the case may be. How funny is that? Here is the actually post.... I can't believe that I won something. This never happens folks! I won for hour 19. You had to list 6 goals that were very important to you.
39 mins
My Goals: 1. Not to own too much scrapbooking supplies that I am overwhelmed. 2. Never spend so much time scrapbooking, that I forget to be "present in my life". 3. Always wear pink. 4. Be a little quirky, it's adds character. 5. Never stop learning and trying new scrapbooking techniques. 6. Never forget to spend time with the people in your photos.


I read all your posts! But I'm giving my stiff fingers a rest. Thanks for all of the great suggestions, advice, philosophies and comments. This is one amazing group of women! Meredith

PS - talk soft. Sue's takin' a cat nap.

Okay, so it wasn't one of my scrapbook pages that won. But insight must count for something, right? I found out I won today when I checked my email, and they asked for my mailing address to send my package... Woo Hoo!!! I won a Compendium Journal (not sure what it is, but I am totally sure that it will be awesome!!!) I will post a photo, when it comes. Please, check out Stacy Julian's blog at www.altogethertoohappy.com and www.bigpicturescrapbooking.com for some fun and sometimes free ways to enjoy your hobby to the fullest!

PS. See my post a couple posts down, if you are wondering what this is all about. Grandma, I can't believe I won! I was so tired from the weekend, I know that I was a bit inhospitable. I was grouchy, and didn't really have much patience. Sorry family! Sunday afternoon, I took a 3 hour nap after returning from church, and taking Grandma to the train station. The kids were napping too, and Scott took his mom to the grocery store. He did our shopping for the week as well. What a guy!

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