Saturday, June 6

More photos from our trip. Thumbody's B-day and Christmas in May with Nonnie and Papa

We had a great time celebrating Thumbody's birthday and Christmas in May with mom and dad. Ethan is thrilled with his new video, as was mom and dad were with their baskets of goodies. I already mentioned how much we are enjoying our Cold Stone Ice Cream set, with all the goodies to go with it, and the tortilla warmer (which we used tonight with our tacos), and our microwave splatter cover (I will never have to clean my microwave again...LOL). We did go to Cold Stone Creamery last week after Scott's doctor's appt, and we bought a half gallon of their cheese cake ice cream. The guy thought I was nuts when I just asked for the ice cream, and told him that we would mix it at home, but he sold it to us. It was worth the $10 we spent on our gift certificate. We will probably be buying "good" ice cream from the supermarket with the rest of the gift certificate though, so it will go further. Thanks mom and dad for some great gifts! Oh, I forgot to add that they also gave us a book about the meaning of Christmas, a cute "happy birthday Jesus" ornament for our tree, and a Willow Tree collectible to add to my collection. You may be wondering why we waited until May to do Christmas, but we simply hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving last year, and in our family we like to watch each other open their gifts, even if they're late. It's just a tradition we have always had. Enjoy the photos, I will post more tomorrow. Probably the Dam photos. I'm not swearing, they really are Dam photos :)

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