Sunday, June 7

Well, here are the Dam photos I promised you yesterday. We actually got to see the dam open and the water pouring out with great strength. This made the fishing that we had intended to do, not so good. There was no doubt that the fish were moving, but too fast, I fear, to stop for a bite to eat. This is the Truman Dam, in Warsaw, MO.

Below, Truthseeker tries his hand at fishing anyhow. The men behind him are using huge rod and reels, hoping to catch a big fish. The fish were moving so fast that when they would get a bite, it would break their line, every time.
Thumbody enjoyed playing on the rocks most. He kind of reminded me of the Morton salt girl. Don't ask me why, maybe it's the way he's walking joyfully amongst the rocks.

See the foam from the dam water? There was so much foam from the rapid rush of water flowing through the dam, that it kind of reminded me of the ocean waves. Very fast, and heavy.

Thumbody smiles ever so cutely under the no swimming sign. Do ya think you should swim here? I'd say, "not"!

Tomorrow I will post photos from Silver Dollar City, near Branson. Have a great Sunday afternoon!

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