Tuesday, January 27

God's Mercy and Provisions

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I haven't been a grateful servant lately. I've basically been a wreck. 2 more days until my endoscopy. Still very nervous and uneasy this time around. New doctor, different hospital, added to the fact that I haven't been feeling well lately. God has been merciful though.

Some of you may not have heard that 2 short days ago, while sledding with our church, Truthseeker and Thumbody had an accident. They hit a tree. Very scary for mom and those around them. Truthseeker supposedly was knocked out for a few seconds, and Thumbody had bit his lip, but took the brunt of the hit, as he was in front. I was at the top of the hill when the accident occurred at the bottom. Luckily some people from church were at the bottom of the hill to assist in their care, while I tried my best to carefully walk down the hill as fast as I could. I thought about grabbing another sled, but then thought that with my luck, that I would hit a tree as well. I also thought about sliding on my backside all the way down, but I had a long coat on, and thought that might make me go even slower, so I opted to walk. One of our church members pulled Thumbody on a sled back to our van, and Truthseeker insisted he wanted to stay and sled some more. It was such a long haul back to the van, in heavy boots, that I thought that I would either pass out, or throw up, by the time I got there. Luckily a dear friend was with Thumbody until I got there. Thumbody is a tough kid, and has taken many rough and tumble hits in his short 4 years, but something didn't look right when I got to the van. I chatted with my friend for a few minutes, about his condition, and decided that I would not wait for Scott to get back to the van, and that I was taking him to the ER. I told my friend to tell Scott to get Truthseeker, so we could have him checked out as well. The ER was busier than usual, and we were forced to stay in the hallway. They took x-rays of both boys, and gave Thumbody a shot of morphine to help with the pain. The doctor looked at the x-rays and said they looked okay, and sent us home. Truthseeker was back to normal shortly after returning home, but Thumbody didn't appear to be okay. I was worried something more was wrong, but I chalked it up to being a worried mom. The next morning Truthseeker had a dental appt., and on our way back from the dentist, the ER called us and told us to go straight to his pediatrician, because Thumbody needed an MRI. Apparently the radiologist had looked at the films and saw a compound fracture of the lower spine. Panic struck me as we drove to the hospital. During this time, Thumbody appeared to be a normal 4 yo. aside from complaining that his back hurt. We got into his doctor right away, and she sent us across to the hospital for the MRI. I hate their MRI machine. It's enclosed, and the last time I had an MRI I requested the other hospital in town, as they have an open one. The enclosed one felt like a coffin, and I could barely stand the banging sound, even with the headphones and music. So I wondered how they expected a 4 yo. to lay still for 30 minutes, when an adult (me) can't stand it herself. To my surprise and delight, they told me that they played cartoons for kids to watch during their MRI's, so Thumbody watched Spongebob during his MRI. He came out of it unscathed.

They called us on the way home from the MRI to say that he does have a very slight compound fracture, but most of his pain is due to swelling and bruising around the general area of the boo-boo. He is not to run or jump around for awhile, and they said that it should heal just fine.

I am so thankful to our merciful Savior for protecting my little boys in an accident that could have been much worse, or even fatal. I know that I have been rebelling lately, and trying to cope and figure things out on my own, and I know that He will provide and take care of us. I just need to trust in Him. I struggle with trust so very much. I need to just let go, and let Him do his job. Please pray for me, that I can do that. Thanks :)

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Coloradolady said...

I saw your request from McKmamma's site. I am praying for a quick recovery for your sweet little one. I will pray that you will find the strength too, I know it is not easy. Blessings.