Wednesday, January 28

Nana Banana... Our Weenie... Happy Birthday 2 year old!

Here is a photo I felt like sharing with you of our lovely dachshund Nana. She is 2 years old today. We are a one pet family, and she most certainly feels that she rules the roost. She is very determined and somewhat vindictive. For example, if she is kenneled for longer than she would like to be, she will walk right in front of you (after being let out to go potty) and look you straight in the eyes and pee on the rug. She insists that the sofa is the only place (her royal highness) deserves to be laying, unless it is on top of me, which is her favorite spot for some reason. Maybe she understands that we are both hormonal, and the only females, and that we must stick together. I never thought that my only daughter would be a dog, but you get what you get. It's a love/hate relationship.

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Coloradolady said...

This sounds very familiar!! I have a queen here too and the coloring is very much the same! Happy Birthday to a cutie!