Monday, January 19

More Things Breaking.

Well, what can I say? Our used dryer we purchased for $50 a month ago, is shot. I guess you get what you pay for. Scott's truck is still in need of a new brake line, and Scott still doesn't have a job. I am still waiting for my appointment with my GI doctor. This week is busier than anything, you could ever imagine.

We have quite a bit of snow, and the kids want to go sledding. I am expected at a friend's house very shortly, and then we really need to get to the library. I still need to get groceries. My laundry is piling up again. What next? I don't think I really want the answer to that.

Scott just left to return the dryer belt to the appliance store where he bought it this morning. Something else is wrong, that he can't seem to fix. I am at a loss as well. Do I hang a clothesline in my laundry room? I guess they did that years ago. I could also hang them by the fireplace, and maybe they would dry. I guess I have a few options. Ones I don't really like, but none-the-less.

Truthseeker has a dentist appointment on Thursday for sealents, and I have an appointment on Friday for a sinus infection (I think?) We also have playgroup on Friday. I think we will be a little late. Oh, and Thursday morning I am scrapbooking with a friend. We had school during the public school's snow days last week, so I figure I can take a mental health day, and call off school. Of course in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., we don't have school today.

I guess I better get off the computer, and assess the dryer situation a bit better. Life goes on.

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MerrandaVK said...

OK - let me try again :)

After you cut out the stencil, you really don't need the inside of the stencil, unless you wanted to use that instead. Just iron on a big piece of wax paper (wax side against the fabric) to prevent bleeding of the paint. Then you iron on your cut out stencil (wax side against the fabric) on the front of the fabric. then when you brush fabric paint over the stencil, it won't bleed through the back side because you've ironed on a piece of wax paper to the back. so the fabric is in essence sandwhiched between the 2 pieces of wax paper. The front side being the actual stencil, and the backside being an extra piece. hope that helps, if not email me.

oh, and funny story about the face paint :)