Friday, January 23

My Taxes are Filed!

I am finally done, and it took all of 45 minutes to complete. Both federal and state. Now most people I know dread tax season. Scott and I love it. We always get a hefty refund, and this year (thank God, under the circumstances) our refund is $3,000 more than last year. It is a blessing during a hard time, and we plan to use it wisely, and cautiously. So in 7-10 days they both should be direct deposited into our bank account. I know our world of technology is somewhat out of control, but the joy of being able to do your own taxes online in 45 minutes and receive your refund in 1 week, is still an amazing thought to me. So blessings to you all, and hoping that you too receive a great big refund.

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Me said...

If you change the deductions that your employer takes out, they will take out less. Then you get to keep the money and save it yourself, instead of letting the government earn interest on it. You won't have the satisfaction of getting a big check, but in the end you will end up with more money.